Amnesty International Contest

Where you will find submissions for the Amnesty international Contest hosted by Amnesty International and through collaboration between The Marianopolis PaperCut and The Amnesty International club within Marianopolis College.


Amnesty International: Write for Justice and Effective Change

Written by Amanda Barnard

Marianopolis has many unique clubs to offer, however, after sitting down with executive Claudia Deyirmendjian of the Amnesty International club here at Marianopolis, it seems as though this club has brought something special and exciting to the table this year.

Here is my interview with Claudia Deyirmendjian (spoiler: read on to find out how to get the chance to win some serious cash and an honorable award).


What is Amnesty international?

Amnesty International is an NGO that aims to protect human rights for all, with over 7 million participants worldwide. Amnesty engages in a wide variety of initiatives, such as hosting or attending marches, vigils and conferences, to promote their many campaigns and be a voice for the voiceless.


Are there any projects that the Amnesty International club is embarking on this year?

This year, the club at Marianopolis will be attending marches and fairs to support various causes as well as going around Montreal with other cegeps collecting signatures for petitions involving human rights violations. We will also be going to see speakers on a monthly basis who discuss their experiences with human rights issues (often working in law or speaking of first hand experience). We are also participating in the Amnesty International writing competition this year.


All of this sounds absolutely amazing, though, what does the Amnesty International writing competition entail?

Students can participate by writing a story about any human rights issue of interest, with an emphasis on its impact on young people. The article should then be submitted to the PaperCut who will post or physically publish the article. Once their article has been published, students can then apply to the contest with Amnesty.


What is the goal of this contest?

The goal is to promote awareness for the importance of human rights, no matter how big or small, on an individual level, or a national front. The contest specifically aims to encourage the involvement of young people in human rights issues.


What will the winner receive?

The winner will get $500 from Amnesty as well as the Youth Media Award presented at the annual Amnesty International Canada Media Award event.


Who can apply to this contest?

Any students under twenty five years are eligible to apply. To participate in the contest with Amnesty International, students must first have their article published by a recognized media outlet.


How can Marianopolis students apply?

Students can submit their article to the PaperCut through the link provided on the Facebook page and on their website. Once published (either online or in the physical paper) students can apply to the contest by submitting the application form to Amnesty International Canada.


Why do you believe that this contest is relevant and important to partake in?

The outbursts of incivility and violence have only increased within the last year, whether in the east or west. I believe it is more essential ever for people to speak out against the legal and moral injustices that are happening all over the world. This contest is a perfect opportunity to get your voice heard, and more so recognized.


When is the cut off date?

The contest is ongoing throughout the year until March 15, 2018, and all articles will be published online. However, if you would like your article published in the paper – and likely be read by more people – you can contact an executive to find out when proceeding editions will be released. Also, not all articles can be physically published, so those who submit their articles earliest will be given priority consideration.


How can students who are interested contact you?

Students can submit their article directly to the links provided, however if they are interested in the organization or joining the club, they can always contact me, Claudia Deyirmendjian, via Mio or Facebook messenger.


A copy of the official Amnesty International form will be available at the top of this page  and through our Facebook page.